Pyrasorb has been developed for the commercial and industrial market, aiding the fast and efficient clear up of messy leaks and spillages.  Pyrasorb is made from sustainable UK sourced ingredients of the highest quality and is carefully manufactured to ensure best performance at all times.

There are four types of Pyrasorb currently available, each blended to suit a particular usage.

Pyrasorb Standard

A highly effective general purpose absorbent suitable for controlling industrial/commercial leaks and spills such as oil, paint, water etc.  Packed in 35 litre polythene bags

Pyrasorb Supernat

A combination of natural ingredients manufactured with an antibacterial agent to aid the fast clear up of food and drink based spillages, Supernat is designed to quickly absorb upon contact allowing the safe and efficient handling of spills in sensitive environments.  Packed in 35 litre polythene bags.

Pyrasorb Supergreen

A highly effective absorbent, manufactured with an antibacterial agent and presented in a distinctive green colour to give a clear indication of application.  Supergreen is suitable for many light industrial and commercial applications.  Packed in 35 litre polythene bags.

Pyrasorb Mopsoks

Pyrasorb Mopsoks are designed to contain either persistent or one off spillages and minimise the spread of leaks.  Mopsoks are made with Supernat granules and therefore can be used for general industry and catering/food based environments alike.  Available in 1.2 metre lengths and packed in bags of 20 units.

Good housekeeping routines should be adhered to at all times, especially once the absorbent has been contaminated.  The mixing of incompatible material should be avoided and particular care must be taken when cleaning hazardous/flammable materials as once absorbed there is no guarantee that the resultant mixture is any less flammable.