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Why Pyrasorb

To enable commercially efficient stock holding, many distributors of consumable items look to rationalise their supplies in order to save on storage & distribution costs. Pyrasorb products can be offered to potential stockists without the need for restrictive ordering volumes and unrealistic minimum orders.

Furthermore, Pyrasorb can be supplied directly to the end user, thus removing extra warehousing and deliveries for the supplier.

No need to physically stock products

Sensible margins on sales

Convenient minimum order values

Quick dispatch, next day delivery available

Range of four products to meet all needs

We can ship direct to your customers

Small and mixed orders available

Large order volumes easily handled

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At Pyrasorb we understand that space is at a premium. This is why we offer order fulfillment directly to your customer's premises. Saving you time and money on storage and freight.

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It's often difficult to explain to people how our absorbent products work and which one best suits your environment, so we have put together a small video to help you choose.

Pyrasorb is part of the Interface Group and have been making sweeping compounds and absorbents since 1906. As the oldest provider of these products we have a proven track record for producing high quality products.

“Pyrasorb really does what it says on the bag. Since we’ve been using Supernat our floors have never looked so clean. Easy to use and great results every time.”

Kevin, AAP