Pyrasorb has been manufactured in the UK since 1975 providing spillage absorbents to a wide variety of customers throughout the UK and abroad.

Pyrasorb is manufactured and distributed in the UK using home sourced environmentally friendly ingredients and is delivered using transport that has been carefully managed to limit its’ environmental impact.

Pyrasorb products are blended with elements that are designed to quickly and efficiently absorb liquid spillages and aid the swift clear up in awkward situations or to maintain messy or problem work areas.

Pyrasorb is usually available from distributors, if you are a stockist of safety consumables, please refer to our Distributors & Stockists page where there is more information about the benefits of supplying Pyrasorb products.  However, if you require larger stocks, then direct deliveries can be arranged from the factory.


Pyrasorb was created in order to provide a specialist range of Spillage Absorbent Products most suitable for the commercial and industrial market.

Interface Ltd has always provided niche products and services, one of them being the well established Dusmo (floor sweeping compounds) brand, as well as Interface Farm Enterprises, for special projects, and more besides,

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