Pyrasorb is a well established brand of spillage absorbents manufactured & distributed to customers within the UK and abroad since 1975.

Using UK sourced renewable ingredients from sustainable sources Pyrasorb is designed to have a minimum impact on the environment.  The high quality ingredients and consistent particle size that makes up Pyrasorb products ensures that it performs excellently in all applications.

The elements that are blended within Pyrasorb assist the fast and efficient clear up of a variety of spills and leaks in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

When Pyrasorb is applied to the floor, it absorbs on contact, with the natural capillary action beginning immediately. Whilst other methods of spill control may cause a temporary slip hazard, Pyrasorb does not turn into a sludge or break down under foot or roll away from the spill area, making the whole process safer and easier to manage.

Pyrasorb is light and easy to use, it can absorb spills greater than its own weight.  Pyrasorb is non toxic, contains no residue or mineral particles.  It sweeps up cleanly after use and will not scratch sensitive surfaces such as treated, sealed or varnished floors.

Furthermore Pyrasorb has been tested for ”reaction to fire” in accordance with;

Global classification EN13501-1: 2007 + A1: 2009

Good housekeeping routines should be adhered to at all times, especially once the absorbent has been contaminated.  The mixing of incompatible material should be avoided and particular care must be taken when cleaning hazardous/flammable materials as once absorbed there is no guarantee that the resultant mixture is any less flammable.