Pyrasorb - Spillage Absorbents manufactured in the UK since 1975

Spillage Absorbents

Pyrasorb has been manufactured in the UK since 1975 providing spillage absorbents to many customers throughout the United Kingdom and abroad.

Pyrasorb is light and easy to use, can absorb volumes much greater than its own weight, is non toxic, contains no residue and does not break down into a sludge when applied.

Pyrasorb, unlike other granular type products, absorbs quickly and sweeps up cleanly after use, with no hazadous fibres or mineral particles, it will not scratch sensitive surfaces such as painted or varnished floors.

Absorbent Products

Pyrasorb Standard: An effective general purpose absorbent suitable for controlling industrial/commercial leaks and spills.

Pyrasorb Supernat: Natural ingredients manufactured with an antibacterial agent to aid the fast clear up of food and drink based spillages.

Pyrasorb Supergreen: An effective absorbent, manufactured with an antibacterial agent suitable for many light industrial and commercial applications.

Pyrasorb Mopsoks: Designed to contain either persistent or one off spillages and minimise the spread of leaks.


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